August House Flipping Q&A

Please join us for the Q&A, pool party or preferably both.

The Q&A will be first and after that we’ll put hot dogs on the grill and open up the pool. Get your house flipping questions answered, meet our favorite cohorts and network with other real estate and home services professionals. We’d love to see you there

Sunday, August 14th. We will provide our exact address when you RSVP but it is located near Lindsay and Germann in Gilbert.

Get the PDF here:

Abundant Life Real Estate

The real estate market moves fast and flipping houses along with being a full time Realtor (plus father of three, husband, community volunteer….you know how it is, we all have full lives)…means we’re just now letting you know that…

in the summer of 2021, I received my broker’s license and launched Abundant Life Real Estate.

Being a broker gives me the freedom to be creative, and come up with out-of-the-box solutions to help my clients make the most of every real estate opportunity, whether buying, selling, investing or flipping.

As a long-time entrepreneur and having a degree in business, I’ve always wanted to have my own company. Helping people with their real estate needs is truly a dream come true.

My office is currently located in the VEW building at Williams Field and Gilbert Road. Of course most of the time I work on the go or from home.

My favorite thing to do is work with sellers to get top dollar when they sell their home. Many of my clients sell and buy almost simultaneously and I am always up for the challenge. I recently helped family friends (who were also newlyweds) build a new home and a dear friend’s mom sell the home I helped her buy in order to purchase the perfect place closer to her son and grandchildren. I consider it an honor to work with repeat clients, and friends and family who refer me to their neighbors, friends and co-workers.

Whatever your real estate questions, concerns or challenges, I am ready to help.

House Flipping Q&A

NEW for 2022! We will be offering a monthly Q&A gathering to talk all things house flipping and real estate investing!

“Get your Fix & Flip questions answered at this informal and fun gathering at our new home in Gilbert. Drew Dumas is a Realtor of five years and real estate broker and has flipped five houses including, most recently, his own. No agenda. Come as you are. Light refreshments will be provided. Eight guests max.”

Gilbert, AZ Fix and Flip Property

**Under contract as of 11-10-20 after five days on the market**

The latest fix and flip is located in Gilbert, Arizona near Guadalupe and Cooper, close to the hub of downtown Gilbert as well as the US 60 freeway. Contact me for details. Here’s the listing on

Gilbert, AZ fix and flip propert listed by Drew Dumas Realtor
Exterior front.
Front entry and formal living room.
Kitchen 1
Kitchen 2
Kitchen 3
Family room and back door.
Bedroom 1
Bedroom 2
Guest bath
Master bedroom
Master bath
Master bath
Master bedroom 2
Exterior back

Tempe, AZ Fix and Flip Property

This is my first “fix and flip” renovation project, just completed and listed in Tempe, Arizona. Three bedroom, 1.75 bath, 1,274 square feet. Enjoy these before and after photos! Realtor dot com listing:

Exterior with new roof, fresh paint job and yard clean-up.
Walking into the living room/dining room. New tile entryway, new carpet, fresh paint, new exterior French doors, new ceiling fan.
Looking back at the entry/living room from the dining room. Fresh paint, new carpet and tile, new ceiling fan.
Dining room looking into the kitchen and living room.
Kitchen and back door leading to patio. New cabinets, new tile floor, new appliances.
Kitchen view into the dining room. New, matching stainless steel appliances.
The kitchen into the hall.
Bedroom one, new carpet, paint, ceiling fan.
Bedroom two, new carpet, paint, ceiling fan.
Master bedroom. New paint and carpet.
En Suite master bath, all new. New shower, new toilet, new extended height vanity, new sink, new fixtures.
Exterior and back yard. New doors, fresh paint, yard cleaned up, higher block fence.

Contact me with questions! 602.403.0458

Why I love Thanksgiving

I always like to send out a message before Thanksgiving, because it’s my favorite holiday.

Why is it my favorite holiday? I’m glad you asked.

1. The entire holiday is positive – a day set aside to be thankful. Whatever your political, religious or any other convictions you hold, being thankful and grateful makes us happier. Being ungrateful or resentful makes us unhappy. Taking time to be deliberately thankful might be the most important thing we can do individually to increase our own happiness. I can’t think of a better idea to create a holiday around.

2. Thanksgiving is American. Holidays like Christmas, New Years, Easter are recognized worldwide, but Thanksgiving is ours. It’s part of our heritage and culture, like the 4th of July. It’s something special and beautiful that we can celebrate as part of our uniquely American tradition.

3. Extended family. To the extent that we get to see family on other holidays, the interactions tend to be stressful and rushed, revolving around gifts. For whatever reason, Thanksgiving doesn’t have the rushed feeling other holidays do. It IS busy for us, though…we host Thanksgiving day and have family over all weekend almost every year and with the addition of two babies and family back in town from overseas, we’re looking at a crowd of almost 30! We love having the house full of kids, laughter and, of course, FOOD.

We’ve added four more kids since this picture and there will be another family of five back this year, too!

4. My wife. It happens that I was introduced to my wife by my sister on Thanksgiving weekend. They were college friends and she was sure we would hit it off. We were engaged three months later and that was 18 years ago. It’s a special holiday to celebrate our relationship.

5. Our son. Our firstborn and my namesake, Andrew IV, was born on November 26th which sometimes falls on Thanksgiving. Some years we eat pumpkin pie AND birthday cake.

There are a lot of reasons to love Thanksgiving. The bottom line is, the world cannot help but be a better place when everyone in it is thankful.

As always, if you need to talk about something real estate related, call me any time, although I probably won’t pick up the phone on Thursday the 28th.

Five reasons why I love Thanksgiving by Drew Dumas Realtor Cooper Commons Realtor

Ten No Cost Ways to Boost Curb Appeal from Drew Dumas, Realtor

Whether it’s on the market or not, you want visitors to your home to have a positive first impression. Adding curb appeal doesn’t have to mean a lot of expense or work. Here are simple no cost ways to boost curb appeal you can do in a weekend.

  1. Turn your exterior lights on including garage and front porch. Make sure they’re clean.
  2. Clean windows inside and out until they sparkle. It makes a different inside, too, and makes your home feel sunnier and more welcoming. Instead of relying on a glass cleaner, try a mix of detergent diluted in warm water.
  3. Turn on your interior lights and leave curtains open where possible. Let people see your cozy dining room or reading room as they pass by.
  4. Clean up the yard, trim the landscaping and blow or sweep debris away. Turn the nozzle on your garden hose to the strongest setting and clean off your driveway, sidewalk, windows and fence.
  5. Bring flowers or potted plants to the front yard or porch.
  6. Simplify your porch furniture and decor. Just as you would aim to simplify the interior of your home so shoppers can envision themselves living there, the exterior of your home should be neutral and welcoming too. Focus on porch decor that offers pops of color and character. 
  7. Clean your front door and dust off your welcome mat. Pay special attention to scuff marks and hardware.
  8. Touch up the exterior paint and make repairs where necessary.
  9. Make sure your house number is clearly marked and visible from the street.
  10. Hide eyesores. Place a small lattice fence or a side of paneling around your air conditioner, and hide your trash bins behind a small fence. You can also hide your hose in a pot or storage bench.

If you do hope to put your home on the market soon, reach out to me and I’ll make sure you invest your time and energy into the projects that make the most sense for your bottom line. We can also discuss staging ideas for inside your home and I can answer any other questions you have. Contact Drew Dumas Realtor at (602) 403-0458.

Ten No Cost Ways to Boost Curb Appeal by Drew Dumas Realtor
Source is I Heart Organizing
Ten No Cost Ways to Boost Curb Appeal by Drew Dumas Realtor Cooper Commons Chandler Realtor
Ten No Cost Ways to Boost Curb Appeal by Drew Dumas Realtor Cooper Commons Chandler Realtor

Hosting Fall Guests

In this post: tips for hosting fall guests to make your home as welcoming as possible with as little stress as possible.

October feels like the start of the holiday season, doesn’t it? If you’re like us, you’re trying to plan ahead for all the November and December festivities. A big part of that is hosting fall guests! Whether you have visitors coming to the Phoenix valley to enjoy the perfect fall weather or family coming to stay for Thanksgiving weekend like we do, planning ahead and being organized keeps stress levels low and helps you enjoy your company more.

Have plenty of self-serve foods like granola bars, trail mix and chips plus crowd pleasers like “heat and eat” soup, crackers and cheese and sandwich fixings for pb&js or ham and cheese. You might bake and freeze things like banana bread or a casserole to heat on a whim. I always have a candy bowl on the counter with chocolate kisses or caramels and it ends up empty every night!

Tips for Hosting Fall Guests from Drew Dumas Realtor written by Tabitha Dumas

Set up a coffee and tea station. Keep coffee and tea selections accessible and have add-ins like honey and sugar out with it as well as mugs and spoons. Provide written instructions for your coffee maker or tea kettle if they require it. Having hot cocoa is nice for non coffee or tea drinkers and kids.

Tips for Hosting Fall Guests from Drew Dumas Realtor written by Tabitha Dumas
The Long Awaited Home

Make your kitchen user-friendly. You want your guests to be able to help themselves, and help you! Prep your serving dishes and utensils plus clean out the fridge and pantry. This year I’m going to have pretty labels on my cabinet fronts so people can easily find what they need without asking me where something is every ten seconds.

Cozify your guest bedroom. (Yes, cozify is a word) After scouring many blog posts on the topic, here are the items every guest room needs to be comfortable:

  • a comfortable bed (duh, but make sure the mattress is truly comfortable and the sheets are soft). White sheets feel the cleanest and most luxurious
  • a lamp for nighttime readers (and some reading selections are nice, too, especially if they’re about local attractions or history)
  • wifi password and/or any alarm codes
  • tissues
  • extra pillows and blankets
  • water and snacks
  • a mirror (especially if guests are sharing a guest bathroom)
  • a hook for hanging a robe or towel
  • cleared off spots for jewelry, cosmetics, etc.
  • a suit case rack or space to store them
  • space in the closet + hangers and/or a few drawers
  • a candle is nice
  • extra toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, soap, deodorant)
  • black out shades when possible
  • a spot in the bathroom for cosmetics
Tips for Hosting Fall Guests from Drew Dumas Realtor written by Tabitha Dumas. Spruce up the guest bedroom! Headboard by Birchlane
Headboard source

We also love the idea of a fall-themed tray in your guest bedroom! This one is by our friend Mary of Trayscapes Decor. You can find her on Instagram and Facebook . Let her help you customize the perfect tray and teach you how to use it for every season just by switching out a few items.

Tips for Hosting Fall Guests from Drew Dumas Realtor written by Tabitha Dumas
Trayscapes Decor

Spruce up your front porch. Mums and pumpkins are very fallish. Also, does your front door need a paint touch-up? Is your wreath looking worn out? Could you use a new front door mat? Small details make a big difference.

Tips for Hosting Fall Guests from Drew Dumas Realtor written by Tabitha Dumas
My Farmhouseish

Keep an eye on your bathroom soap, toilet paper and towels. With a big crowd, items get used up fast and if you just have one hand towel, it can end up wet.

Tips for Hosting Fall Guests from Drew Dumas Realtor written by Tabitha Dumas

Prepare for kids. Have puzzles, coloring or craft supplies in a designated area so kids are occupied and not under foot. Have kid-friendly snacks available, too, for hungry teens or picky munchkins.

Pay attention to outdoor areas. Clean up your yard and back porch. You might even set up an additional sitting area in your back yard to accommodate overflow or just people who want to sip their coffee outside. If you have a fire pit, clean it up and make sure you have wood.

Hosting fall guests can be fun and enjoyable and we hope these tips help. Make sure you also check out

What would you add to this list? We’d love to know how you’ve kept fall entertaining and fall hosting simple and enjoyable!

Home Buying 101

Home Buying 101

If you have purchased a home before, you can skip this post. It is good reference for some of the things to think about if you've only rented, or lived with family up until now.

If you're reading this, you've thought about buying your own place. If you've scratched the surface, you have probably discovered there's a whole lot more to it than you realized. Take a deep breath, and I'll lay out the process. Remember, a good REALTOR is there to answer any questions and walk you through the whole process. You're not in this alone, and while it's a big complicated step for you, the professionals surrounding you do it for a living, and can help you every step of the way.

There is a lot to think about when buying your first home: Cost, payments, financing, location, neighborhood, utilities, property taxes, homeowners insurance, school districts, HOAs, and let's not forget, in addition to all the details, you might actually want to buy a place you'd like to live in!

So where do you start? The first place to start, is to have a constructive conversation with your REALTOR to discuss the things that are most important to you. Which high school district you are in might be of lesser or greater importance to you than someone else. Once you have had this initial conversation, then we can put a plan in action to find you the perfect place to call home.

Here are the steps:

  1. Partner with a responsive lender. Having the right mortgage product, and the right person putting it together for you is essential. We will partner with a lender I trust. Think of it this way: If you go find a lender through an ad or an internet special, they will try to earn your business and get you the best rate. If things don't work out, if they drop the ball, if you don't end up getting the house- they lose a commission, but you were just one of many leads they get every month. If you work with a partner of mine, I do a lot of business. I am very selective regarding who I work with. If a lender I partner with runs into a problem with your loan, they're not risking only one commission. If they don't perform, and do everything they can to serve you at the highest level possible, they risk losing my partnership, and all the business I bring to them. Believe me, their motivation to do everything possible is very high when we are partnered. I only work with people I trust to be ethical, responsive, and committed to doing the right thing for you, and my expectations are high.
  2. We'll figure out your budget. A good starting place when thinking about a house payment is looking at what you pay for rent. The mortgage lender will look at your credit and other debts, and will determine what is possible for you to borrow, but more importantly, make recommendations on what is reasonable and prudent. The industry is rampant with people trying to sell homebuyers the absolute maximum amount they can afford. I won't work with people like that. I want you to have the right-sized home, with an affordable payment, one that is the best option for you. If we are going to work together in the future, and you are going to recommend your friends and family to me, that is only going to happen if I'm looking out for your best interests, not trying to get you to buy something you can't afford.
  3. Begin the search. Now that we know your needs and desires, and we've figured the financial piece, now it's time to look at houses. (The biggest mistake most people make, is looking at houses before they figure out the finances. This is probably the largest factor resulting in people buying more house than they can comfortably afford.) You'll receive emails directly from the MLS meeting your criteria, along with homes we can find on Zillow and other commercial advertisers.
  4. Make an offer. Most buyers I've worked with did not end up with the first home we made an offer on. This step requires us to pace ourselves a little bit. We will put together the offer that is in your best interest, not just the price, but timing, closing costs, appliances, and even the amount of earnest money required. Essentially, we will write the strongest offer possible, resulting in you getting the best deal possible. As a point of clarification, "concessions" is the term used for the closing costs that the seller might pay on your behalf. In addition to the price of the house, there are also costs for your loan, the HOA, and the title company. Many of these costs are negotiable between buyer and seller, so for example if you have plenty of cash on hand to cover a sizable down payment, your strongest offer may include your paying all of the closing costs and a smaller purchase price. If you have a small down payment, we might be in a better position to write your offer with a higher purchase price, with the seller agreeing to pay some of the closing costs. Once the offer is accepted, we will open an escrow account with a title company. Your escrow money is a good faith deposit, proof that you actually intend to buy the house.
  5. Negotiate for repairs. The offer process has two steps. The first step, where we made the offer, was mainly concerned with price. Once the offer is accepted, we will have time to conduct inspections of the property. We can inspect all the major systems and make sure that you are thoroughly informed about the condition of the home. Typically, the inspections will result in issues being discovered. If there are major problems with the house, for example, if the roof is caving in, we can walk away and get all of your earnest money back. Usually there are some items that need to be fixed, but nothing big enough to make you walk away. Once we have the lists of recommended repairs from the inspectors, we issue an inspection notice to the sellers, where we ask them to fix the problems we're concerned about. This begins the second round of negotiation, where the seller may or may not agree to fix what you have asked for. This can go back and forth until both parties agree. Sometimes repairs are agreed to, sometimes a price adjustment in lieu of repairs is agreed to, it all depends on the transaction. If no agreement is reached, you get your earnest money back. If an agreement is reached, then your earnest money becomes non-refundable. This is the point where you and the seller have reached a final agreement for price and repairs.
  6. Happy Day! The only thing left is to close on the house. Plan to take a couple hours out of your day to go down to the title office to sign all the paperwork. Depending on the time of day you sign, it might be the next business day before you get the keys to your new home. The title has to record with the county before you are the legal owner. Usually if we sign in the morning, you can receive the keys later that afternoon.

As you can see, while it is a straightforward process, there are a lot of bumps and pitfalls along the way. By far, the most fun part of my job is working with new homeowners, people that have never purchased before, or at least have never purchased in Arizona. Once you've done it a few times, it becomes routine, just like anything else... but that first time, all the planning, all the hopes and dreams, all the focus on the future and what could be, what will become of the life lived in that home, that's the best part of my job, and why I'm excited to work with you.

Drew Dumas

Home Buying 101 Drew Dumas Chandler Gilbert Arizona Drew Dumas Realtor

Welcome to my new venture

It’s almost exactly two years since I took the leap of faith into working for myself full time. Now that I’m past survival mode, I’m eager to branch out and start expanding my services and my network. I hope you’ll join me. Stay tuned to this space for more.